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Managing Incontinence During The Summer Months: Tips To Stay Dry

Struggle with bladder leaks? You’re not alone. Nearly 33 million Americans have some type of incontinence. And while there are a lot of treatment options available, many men and women also look to alternative ways to help them manage their bladder leaks – even when they are being treated by a doctor.

Some of these incontinence hacks are easy to learn from others who also experience bladder leaks.  Others, you pick up from experience.  Either way, there are definitely some tips and tricks to managing your incontinence that won’t come from a doctor’s office or a drugstore.

You may not have ever thought about the differences in managing incontinence during the winter vs. the summer months, but it’s true that each season presents it’s own set of challenges.  Read on to learn how to prevent leaks while also battling the heat.

Tips For Managing Incontinence During The Summer

Be mindful of the colors you’re wearing.

While it’s tempting to wear lighter colored clothing in the summer months, know that those lighter colors don’t always hide leaks as well as a darker colors do. That doesn’t mean you still can’t mix it up a bit. Pair a lighter top with darker pants or skirts. Or, stray a bit from your standard black colored bottoms to things like navy, that pair well with many of summers lighter and brighter colors.

Watch the weight of your fabric.

Warmer weather often means thinner fabrics. This is great for staying cool, but maybe not so great for when you wear absorbent products.

You really have a couple of options here. You can stick with heavier fabrics that are easier to hide any extra bulk from a pad or absorbent underwear. Or, and this is what we’d recommend, you can experiment with other types of absorbent products that may be just a bit more discrete and fit a bit better.  Companies like Willow or Confitex make great products that look and feel like regular underwear, and may be better at hiding the fact that you’re wearing an absorbent product under your cotton dress.

Stay hydrated.

This is a difficult one in the summer.  Many people with incontinence attempt to limit their fluids to avoid having a full bladder and, consequently, an accidental leak.  But, you should never cut back on your fluids so much that you cause yourself to be dehydrated.

So, how much should you be drinking? The standard rule is to drink about 8 glasses of water per day. If you’re thirsty, you’re likely already a little bit dehydrated, so drink when you feel the urge. (Click here for a simple tip to know if you’re drinking enough water.)

Stick to a healthy diet.

If you’ve had incontinence for a while, you may already know that what you eat makes a difference.  Eating healthy foods throughout the year is a good idea for anyone. For those suffering from incontinence, avoiding high sugar, fried foods may help them avoid bladder irritation. And, maintaining a healthy weight may help ease bladder leaks too, as you won’t be subjecting your bladder to that extra pressure. The good news? It’s often easier to eat healthy during the summer with the abundance of fresh produce of the season.

Be prepared when traveling.

Always bring extra products with you when traveling on vacation. Always. If you’re driving, make sure to plan for bathroom stops every couple of hours (map them out in advance). And if you’re flying, try to get an aisle seat to make it easier to get to a bathroom if you need one fast.  When you’re prepared for the unexpected, it can make an unforeseen accident just a bump in the road. (Read our trips for managing incontinence while traveling here.)

Do you have a great tip for managing incontinence during the summer? Share it with us in the comments below!


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