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Life Without Leaks is the National Association for Continence new podcast series. We discuss important topics for those living with incontinence, including hints and tips for better management, insights on state-of-the-art medical care and stories offering hope and guidance for those on the path to drier days. In addition to playing our episodes here, you can subscribe on all major podcast platforms – scroll down for links to your favorite.

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On today’s episode of Life Without Leaks, we talk with Dr. Michael Chancellor, a board certified urologist, professor, scientist and researcher about cutting-edge treatments for Stress Urinary Incontinence. He’s one of the principal developers of a new treatment for SUI that uses a patient’s own stem cells to repair their anatomy. It’s currently in Phase 3 trials with the FDA – the Cellebrate Study – and you may even be eligible to participate….
Nobody wants to talk about their leaks, but it’s something that has to be done if you’re going to get the treatment you deserve. In today’s episode, Dr. Kathleen Kobashi, chair of the Department of Urology at Houston Methodist Hospital and a specialist in women’s health and bladder control issues, gives us tips on how to overcome embarrassment and have a confident, comfortable – and most importantly, productive – conversation with your physician….
Do you find yourself waking up more than once a night to use the bathroom? If you do, you may have something called nocturia, which is a condition that causes you to have to get out of bed to pee two or more times a night….


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Steve joined the NAFC as Executive director in 2014 after a career in healthcare-focused marketing and advertising. In addition to being an accomplished advocate for those living with bladder and bowel conditions, he’s a world-caliber competitor – he won the silver medal swimming the butterfly in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, the NCAA championship in the butterfly in the same year, and was the first person to win four ACC Championships in the same event, winning the 200 butterfly from 1974-77. He earned his doctorate inbiochemistry and physiology from UC Berkeley.


Robin and Steve may have actually crossed paths back at the Montreal Olympics – while he was in the water, she was working as part of the ABC film crew covering the event. Since then, she’s moved from Montreal to South Florida (though she still misses the bagels), and she’s dedicated her career to marketing, advertising and graphic design for some of the largest and most well known companies in America. In fact, she was responsible for designing Blockbuster Video’s very first website back in 1997!


Bruce has been working with the NAFC for more than 8 years with an emphasis on communicating the organization’s story of advocacy and support. He’s dedicated his 3-decades-long career to marketing and messaging, frequently with a focus on healthcare. An inveterate traveler, Bruce has been extorted by border guards in Moldova, thrown off a dog sled in the Arctic Circle, and snapped at by an unhappy sea lion in the Galapagos, among other adventures.


“Finally learning about my condition on my way to work and figuring out solutions I would have never thought of …it’s like having that talk with a friend I wanted to have, but have been way to embarrassed to bring up! “

– Holly K.

“It’s great to hear patient stories in their own words – makes me feel like I’m not so alone when trying to deal with my bladder issues. Looking forward to more episodes!”

– Angela B.

“Instant subscribe! It’s hard finding good, reliable information about incontinence. Nobody ever seems to want to speak about it unless they’re talking in medical terms. I like that it’s easy to listen to but has useful info.”

– Chris F.


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We’re always looking for guests with interesting stories, insights, and perspectives to share with others in the incontinence community. If you’re a patient, a physician, or a caregiver who would like to participate in our podcast, reach out to us today – simply send an email to and we’ll follow up with you promptly.

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