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WHAT COULD IT BE? An Interactive Quiz To Identify Incontinence

Did you know there are different types of incontinence? While it might seem straightforward, the type of incontinence you have depends a lot on your symptoms. And the treatment options available often vary depending on the type of incontinence you have.

Leak when you laugh? It could be stress urinary incontinence. Feel like you’re constantly running to the bathroom, even if you just went? It might be overactive bladder. Knowing your symptoms can help identify the type of incontinence you have, and the treatments available to you.

If you’re not sure what sort of incontinence you might be suffering from, take our short quiz. Click through the options below to see what your symptoms are telling you. Then circle back to the conditions page to learn more. This will help start you down the path to better understanding and eventually addressing your condition! 

(Not sure what your symptoms are? Try keeping a bladder diary. It can help you learn more about when and why you experience incontinence and may help provide you with a good tool to use when talking about your condition with your doctor. Download your free bladder diary here.