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NAFC is proud to work with companies who share the common goal of reducing the stigma of incontinence and providing education to patients and healthcare professionals on the many different treatment and management options available.  Our partners come to us with a common goal: they want to raise awareness of bladder and bowel health related issues, and increase education around the treatment options that are available.  Below lists just a few of the ways we’ve partnered with organizations in the past.

Who We Partner With And Why

NAFC is fortunate to work with a variety of world-class partners, all dedicated to improving the lives of those with incontinence.  We consider several criteria when evaluating partnerships:

  1. Organizations which share the common goal of providing excellent education about incontinence as a condition and treatment options available
  2. Organizations which are looking to create greater awareness of the condition and/or management options in order to move more people toward treatment
  3. Organizations or individuals with a valuable story to share with the community and who are seeking an effective, contemporary platform to communicate.

Opportunities For Partnering With NAFC

Below are just a few of the ways we’ve partnered with organizations in the past.

Patient Research

We partner with organizations that are looking to learn more about those challenged by incontinence.  We have assisted a number of organization recruit for patient research.  Most often we assist with development of target screeners and survey development.  Rarely are the results shared with NAFC.  But we have assisted with a number of recruitment efforts that are targeting seeming difficult to reach individuals.

Become A NAFC Trusted Partner

NAFC values the many products and devices available to help manage and treat incontinence, and wants to ensure that everyone who visits our site has access to a list of reputable suppliers. 

Our Trusted Program provides companies with the opportunity to list their company or products within our Trusted Partner section, provides them with a dedicated webpage for more information, and allows links to purchase their product. In addition, Trusted Partners enjoy special highlights of their company throughout the year on, in social media promotions, on the NAFC “Life Without Leaks Podcast, and within weekly newsletters to consumers.

Click here to learn more about the Trusted Partner Program and the current offerings available. 

Content Development / Sponsorship

We are constantly trying to add new relevant and interesting content to help those seeking information about incontinence find more information on the management solutions and treatment options available.  Additionally, we focus our efforts on helping patients connect with the appropriate HCP’s and provide guidance on how to best address their concerns with their medical team. 

Some of the content options are listed below. If you or someone in your organization would like more specific information, please contact us at

  • Sponsored Web Pages. NAFC provides a wealth of information to consumers through our website, We are constantly updating the pages to be new and relevant to our readers, and are always looking for ways to update the content to be current, fresh, and more engaging. NAFC welcomes sponsors who share this goal and would like to help us increase the value of these pages to our readers by sponsoring them, and helping us build new features and content for the page.
  • Video Development. Often used as part of a campaign, we love using video to help engage our audience. Our videos are often housed on our website, and are shared across our social channels for maximum reach and engagement.
  • Social Media Campaigns. Most of our campaigns have some social element, but we’ve also done campaigns that have solely lived on social to help engage our audience or raise awareness of a specific issue. These campaigns may include visual elements along a similar theme, and may also incorporate video.
  • Sponsored Blog Posts. The NAFC BHealth Blog is an active blog that adds another element to Our articles cover a wide range of topics and are written from many different points of view, including patient stories and testimonials, expert opinions, and general education.
  • Sponsored Emails To The NAFC HCP and Consumer Database. The NAFC email database is comprised of nearly 10,000 consumers and over 3,500 Healthcare Professionals. We send out monthly emails to each audience, which are available for sponsorship, but also provide the opportunity to do dedicated emails that speak to a specific issue, service, or product.


NAFC is a small non-profit dedicated to helping those individuals with bladder and bowel dysfunction.  Charitable donations are most welcome and help NAFC continue to support the nearly 80 million individuals challenged by incontinence. 


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Women:  Contribute to a meaningful survey on incontinence. Your insights will shed light on the real challenges and stigmas associated with this condition, and shape future improvements. Share your story to drive positive change!

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