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Family And Caregiving

new to caregiving with depend 1

New To Caregiving With Depend

Whether it’s a gradual process of taking on chores for an aging loved one or picking up the pieces after a major health event, the

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Will Medicaid Cover My Incontinence Products?

Janet Firestone, the National Medicaid account executive for Tranquility shares insights as she has been working directly with Medicaid recipients and care coordinators, navigating the Medicaid process to determine coverage and connecting them with authorized suppliers to help them get the incontinence products they need.

Products For Aging In Place

Products For Aging In Place

Many seniors prefer to stay in their own homes for as long as they can, and there are tools that can help them do that. Read our roundup of some great products for aging in place.

Am I Seeing The Right Doctor

Am I Seeing The Right Doctor?

WHEN IS IT TIME TO SEE A SPECIALIST? When patients first experience signs of urinary incontinence they will usually discuss it with their primary care


Women:  Contribute to a meaningful survey on incontinence. Your insights will shed light on the real challenges and stigmas associated with this condition, and shape future improvements. Share your story to drive positive change!

Stop The Bladder Leaks

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