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Introducing NAFC’s Pelvic Floor Health Center

Our pelvic floors play a vital role in our health. From supporting key organs like the bladder and bowel to helping our bodies and core function properly, it’s a part of the body that should not be overlooked.

Unfortunately, many of us pay little attention to the pelvic floor… until there’s a problem. Pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence issues, or even pelvic pain or back pain are all signs that a pelvic floor may be compromised. But even in these cases, practicing good pelvic health can help ease some of these symptoms and restore your pelvic floor, allowing it to function well.

That’s why NAFC has created the Pelvic Floor Health Center.
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What is the Pelvic Floor Health Center?

Developed in conjunction with a physical therapist, the Pelvic Floor Health Center is an online destination to educate patients about the pelvic floor, its role, and how to keep it healthy. It’s filled with great educational content, pelvic floor exercises, and even a guided program to help them along the way. (Coming Soon!)

Why Did NAFC Create This Resource?

NAFC has long been a proponent of physical therapy for pelvic floor issues, including incontinence. Nothing can beat a proper evaluation by a PT trained in pelvic health, which can pinpoint your issues, and set you up on an appropriate treatment pl

However, we know that not every insurance plan approves physical therapy visits, and not everyone is able to afford them out of pocket. What’s more, being able to make it to a physical therapist’s office every week for ongoing appointments may not be realistic for some due to time restraints, or physical distance depending on where one lives.

While the Pelvic Floor Health Center is by no means a replacement for an appointment with a PT, we hope that it will provide education and support to patients who are unable to see a physical therapist for whatever reason, or serve as a supplement to their therapy when they are unable to make it to appointments consistently.

What Does The Pelvic Floor Health Center Offer?

The Pelvic Floor health Center goes beyond just articles and recommendations. We offer a variety of ways to learn more about your pelvic floor, and how to keep it healthy.  When you visit the Pelvic Floor Health Center, you’ll find:

  • Exercise videos with specific moves to help you stretch, strengthen or relax your pelvic floor.

  • Downloadable exercise sheets that you can print off and keep on hand for easy access.

  • Pelvic floor education including information about anatomy, the function of the pelvic floor, different ways the pelvic floor may become compromised, and ways to treat it.

  • Pelvic health articles that dive deeper into specific topics about the pelvic floor and issues that can occur, or treatments that may help.

  • 6-week guided program that can help you learn more about your pelvic floor, help you self-diagnose your problem, provide tips to help you along the way, and walk you through the exercises you can do to learn to strengthen, stretch and relax the pelvic floor. (Coming soon!)

  • Pelvic floor tips that you can put into practice each and every day to keep your pelvic floor strong and healthy.

  • Information about the many tools available on the market designed to treat various pelvic health issues.

Raising Awareness

Unfortunately, conversations around the pelvic floor are few and far between. Many women are not counseled by their doctors on how to take care of their pelvic floor, and even when issues arise, physical therapy intervention is not always recommended. It is NAFC’s goal to help raise awareness of the pelvic floor and the body’s amazing ability to heal itself with the help of physical therapy and the right strengthening and relaxation exercises.

“NAFC is committed to helping men and women learn about new ways to treat their incontinence and pelvic floor issues,” said Steven Gregg, Executive Director of NAFC.  “We strongly believe that increasing the conversation around these topics will help make more people aware that these are not normal conditions, but things that can and should be treated.”

Visit the NAFC Pelvic Health Center today and check out all of these fantastic new resources!


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  1. I was looking at your site, and reading the articles as well as looking at the exercise videos. My physician told me I do have vaginal wall prolapse. I have noticed a protrusion from my vagina and thought she might recommend surgery. Instead she prescribed a vaginal cream, which is estrogen to be inserted into the vagina. I used it and was concerned because it irritated the entrance to the vagina. Is this normal? Also , I do take estrogen, 0.30. Do you think a stronger dose of estrogen would help?
    I am 75 and have had 3 children and 1 miscarry.

    Thank you,

    S. Tucker

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