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The Best of 2020: Tips on Health, Happiness and Incontinence Products

A new year brings new goals for all of us to reach. According to INC.com, the top three resolutions for Americans in 2020 are: actually completing their New Year’s resolutions, trying something new and eating healthier food. Other resolutions on the list include losing weight, getting healthier and being happier/having better mental health.

Your list may sound familiar to theirs, so how are you going to start accomplishing your goals today?

If you’re managing any type of bladder or bowel incontinence, then you might think that it can be difficult to be active or get the self-care that you deserve, but that does not have to be true. If you have a goal of being more active this year, or you want to take a trip to Europe, you can make it happen with a little planning.

Managing incontinence successfully requires medical care, education and, many times, the right mindset. If you’re ready to enjoy 2020 with urge/stress incontinence, overactive bladder, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or any condition that causes incontinence, we have recommendations to help.


Getting healthy is possible but it takes preparation, and sometimes with help from a healthcare professional. It is important to always consult with a physician doctor before trying new exercises and changing your diet. Being honest with your doctor can be critical in being healthy in 2020.

If you have incontinence, speaking with your doctor may not always be easy. Nearly half of women over age 50 who have incontinence rarely speak to their doctor about their symptoms. This year, break the mold and speak to your physician about your health and what you’re experiencing.

In an article on KevinMD.com, Physician Kevin Pho provides an “Essential 10-Step Process” for not just finding a doctor, but a good doctor for your specific needs.

Remember to keep the lines of communication open with your healthcare provider. Ask your doctor or healthcare specialist if you can add a new exercise to your life such as yoga. Yoga is a great way to stay fit in 2020. A study on the benefits of yoga with individuals managing urinary incontinence concluded that women who attend pelvic-focused yoga classes claim their urinary incontinence frequency drops by roughly 75%. Standard yoga poses can actually help strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises are also helpful in strengthening the pelvic floor. You may want to talk to a urologist or physical therapist for additional information on how to do the exercises properly.

What we eat can play a major role in how we feel, look and function. If you’re looking to get healthier, feel better and be more active, then you should be mindful of the beverages and foods you consume. Alcohol, citrus foods, chocolate, caffeinated drinks and spicy foods can irritate the bladder and bowel, which may cause pain and discomfort. Talk with your doctor about possible alternatives if your diet is not the most bladder-friendly and seems to irritate or cause symptoms. Bladder-friendly fruits such as blueberries and pears are fruits that taste great and are sensitive to the bladder. There are many flavorful meals you can enjoy as well that are considerate of a sensitive bladder.


Happiness is one of the many choices in life that we can choose every day. Being happy is possible, but it takes work. As Greek Philosopher Aeschylus said, “Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times.” Living with a chronic medical condition that causes symptoms of incontinence can be frustrating, but having the right mindset can sometimes make all the difference. Here are some ways to be a happier person from therapists at HuffPost:

  • Conquer anxiety
  • Stick to a sleep schedule
  • Spend 10 minutes a day outside
  • Find a physical activity you love
  • Try meditation
  • Read self-development books
  • Cut back on social media use
  • Get a therapist if possible

Doing any of the activities above will help you manage any challenges you may be experiencing, which can be health-related such as incontinence but also personal like addressing a difficult family member or adjusting to a new job. Being mindful of your feelings and emotions and having an outlet is essential to self-care and optimal mental health.

Many individuals managing incontinence experience a constant fear of leaks. Having the right medical care and incontinence products is essential to staying dry and therefore achieving many of your new year’s resolutions. If you’re using the right products day and night, then you are more likely to feel confident, happy and have a better mindset.

You and your physician may decide using absorbent products would be beneficial. Today, there are many discreet, comfortable and high-absorbency products – some with up to 12 hours of protection! – to stay as active and confident as you want in meeting your 2020 goals.

Absorbent incontinence products are now being offered in more sizes, styles, absorbencies and even stylish colors for you to choose from. NorthShore, the leading direct-to-consumer incontinence product and supply provider recently released its “Best of 2020 Incontinence Products and Supplies List.” The list takes the guesswork out of finding the best and most absorbent adult diapers, pull-ons, pads, liners, mattress protectors and more. The products on the Best of 2020 list could make a significant positive impact on you completing those 2020 goals faster than you think.


To choose the most effective products and supplies for your lifestyle, you may want to consider the following factors:

  • Absorbency – Some incontinence products offer up to 6, 8 or 12 hours of bladder and/or bowel protection
  • Style – Tab-Style Briefs, Pull-On Underwear, Pads or Liners
  • Size – Sizes can start at XS and go up to 2XL
  • Features – Odor control, comfort, leak protection, breathability


All of the items featured on the “Best of 2020” list address bladder incontinence, as well as bowel issues.


Heaven Scent Diaper Disposal Bags – Bags that are large enough to handle adult diapers and the strongest smelling odors. Featuring a pleasant powder scent and a blue color to hide smells and contents.

“These scented bags are great for controlling odors. The scent is not overpowering and very pleasant. We are very pleased with these bags and would recommend to others.”
— Cynthia B., NorthShore Customer


NorthShore Supreme Quilted Wipes – Large 9” x 13” quilted adult wipes offer more coverage and are gentle enough for sensitive areas. The wipes are tear resistant and unscented.

“Why didn’t someone think of these sooner? They are the perfect wipe for these messy jobs. So much better than traditional wipes.”
— Lisa M., NorthShore Customer


NorthShore DynaDry Supreme Liners – The large shaped liner is designed for individuals managing urinary or bowel voids who may not want a tab-style brief of pull-on underwear.

“As a young male who is only 30 with incontinence issues, this product has helped tremendously with the urinary leakage as well when I have small bowel accidents. It allows me to be active. ”
— Jonathan T., NorthShore Customer


NorthShore Booster Pads & Contoured Diaper Doublers – These flow-through pads are designed to fit inside disposable products such as tab-style briefs and pull-ons. They are conveniently available in many sizes and contoured shapes.

These booster pads are a Godsend. Especially if I only leak slightly, then I can save the brief and just replace the pad, saving me money. Also, when I do have a complete emergency, the pad and brief keep the urine intact so that my clothing stays dry.
— Carole Z., NorthShore Customer


Champion XD Washable Bed Pad – A highly absorbent pad available in an extra-large 2XL, accommodating various-sized mattresses and furniture.

We try to keep at least four sets of the 36” X 60” (2XL) washable pads on hand at all times; they have been the most beneficial. They give good coverage on the bed as well as giving us something to grab onto when my mother requires repositioning.
— Jane C., NorthShore Customer


MEGAMAX Tab-Style Brief – With up to 12 hours of protection, this MEGA tab-style brief is the ultimate in absorbency and fit. It also sets the standard in total capacity while staying dry to the skin and reducing changes, especially at night.

I’m in my early 50s and have been dealing with incontinence since a car accident in my teens. I’ve got a distended bladder that is over double the size of a normal bladder. I can’t wear or use diapers from big box stores. Since switching to MEGAMAX, things have never been better. The diapers fit great and are very comfortable.
— Anthony P., NorthShore Customer


GoSupreme Pull-On Underwear – The pull-up style adult underwear offers high absorbency and comfort for individuals managing heavy urinary voids.


MagicSorb Air Underpads – A breathable yet highly absorbent disposable underpad for an extra layer of protection. Ideal for those with skin sensitivity.

Excellent protection. I can rest easy knowing that when my diaper leaks in the middle of the night that my bed is kept dry and clean. If you are looking for peace of mind at night, these are the way to go.
— Kevin A., NorthShore Customer

hat will you do to make 2020 the best year yet? Will you complete your resolutions? Having the right mindset, staying healthy and stocking up on the best – and right – incontinence supplies will only help you achieve your resolutions faster and enjoy 2020 to the fullest!

To read more about the “Best of 2020” products and supplies mentioned, please visit NorthShore.com/Bestof2020

ABOUT NorthShore Care Supply
NorthShore Care Supply was founded in 2002 by Adam Greenberg after family members struggled to manage their incontinence with retail adult diapers. NorthShore® is the leading direct-to-consumer brand of high absorbency adult diapers and incontinence supplies in the U.S. providing peace of mind to those with moderate to severe incontinence. NorthShore is committed to #EndHealthStigma to help 80 million Americans living with some form of bladder or bowel dysfunction. For more information, call 800-563-0161, visit NorthShore.com, or follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook @NorthShoreCareSupply, Twitter @NorthShoreCare, and on Instagram @NorthShoreCare. NAFC is proud to call NorthShore Care Supply a 2020 Trusted Partner.


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