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Life’s More Fun Without Leaks



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Navigating life is hard even in the best of times. But when you have to deal with leaks – whether they’re an occasional event or an everyday occurrence – things get far more difficult. Worrying about having accidents can limit the life you live, prevent you from doing things you enjoy, and keep you from spending time with the people you love.

That’s why the National Association For Continence developed our Life’s More Fun Without Leaks campaign. We developed this campaign to remind you that you don’t have to miss out on the best life has to offer just because you’re dealing with incontinence.

We want you to understand that a life without leaks is possible. There’s a whole range of proven, effective treatments available right now – some you can do on your own, others that take the help of a physician or physical therapist.

So, are you ready to see what your Life Without Leaks looks like?

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Lauren’s Story

Alan’s Story


“I always used to think that a little bladder leakage was just a part of getting older. But when ‘a little’ started to turn into ‘a lot,’ I knew I needed to find help…” Click the video above to see how Lauren learned to live her life without leaks.

“There were a lot of changes I figured I might have to deal with when I had my prostate removed, but bladder leakage wasn’t one of them…” Click above to hear from Alan and learn how he managed his incontinence.

“There are so many wonderful, unexpected changes that you discover when you’re a new mother, but not every change is a welcome one…” Click the video above to hear how Kelsey changed her life for the better.

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Women:  Contribute to a meaningful survey on incontinence. Your insights will shed light on the real challenges and stigmas associated with this condition, and shape future improvements. Share your story to drive positive change!

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