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Why PMF?

We recognize that getting incontinence supplies is not a choice but a necessity. For over 15 years, PMF has worked to take away the stress when it comes to purchasing these supplies. We strongly believe that a specialized personal service is essential when it comes to getting these products. We set ourselves apart by offering quality service and quality products to those we serve while providing a personal service for each and every customer. You can see our customers can speak for us.


You can Order from PMF in 3 Simple ways. When you begin ordering from PMF, how you order becomes your decision.

  1.  Call and get to know one of our Customer Service Representatives (334-275-4512)
  2. Email us (
  3. Or visit our website and sign up (

We like to say you have a menu of options, and you get to choose the way you want your supplies. If you do choose to call us, you will get the direct line and email address for whoever you talk to so they can get to know you, your needs, and your account intimately. If you like the product you are currently ordering, don't worry. We can find that product for you. If you are still trying to find that right product, our customer service is made up of a team of specialists who can act as consultants when helping you to find the right product, or you can take advantage of our FREE sample program to help you as you make decisions.

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Save Time And Money With No Hassle

We believe in giving time back to our customers to spend time with their loved ones or doing things they enjoy
instead of having to worry about any of the hassles that come along with ordering supplies. Because of this, we have spent time developing ways that are guaranteed to help do just that.

When you order from PMF, you order from FAMILY. Call us, Email us, or visit our website to get started!