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What NAFC Means To Me

December is a big time for charitable giving, not just to the National Association For Continence, but to many non-profits. This is a time of year that many people choose to contribute to the organizations they feel passionate about. This holiday season, we’d like to ask that you consider a donation to NAFC.

The mission of NAFC is to help support individuals touched by incontinence by providing education, community and tools to help them as they navigate their path toward treatment. We are more than just a website. We offer free resources to help them learn more about their condition, places for them to connect with others who may also be experiencing incontinence, and tools to help them manage bladder leaks.

To show you the burden that many people with incontinence face, and the impact that NAFC has made in the lives of people with bladder leaks, we asked our message board community to answer the question: “What NAFC means to me.” The following quotes are from those people who were brave enough to share their stories.

What NAFC Means To Me

“What does NAFC mean to me? My incontinence, to some degree, has been nearly a life long problem. I was told I have a very large bladder with a number of diverticula that has caused a great deal of retention. After my prostatectomy combined with a diverticulotomy my need for diapers was even more necessary. Initially, I was embarrassed and ashamed that I had problems controlling my bladder. I thought it was something I should be able to control. Having the support from others having similar issues has really helped me get on with life. Some members on this forum have come to grips with their incontinence and need to wear diapers, others are still fighting with the stigma attached to this need. I would consider myself belonging to the latter group, but expressing my frustrations on this forum has really helped me. I really appreciate what everyone contributes, and hope this forum continues to operate.”

“It means support for me and other people who have incontinence and what we deal with on a daily basis.it also help with what products that are out there, and you can tell your story of your self and why you need to wear diapers too.”

“Incontinence is a lonely and confusing condition as it is taboo for most of society to admit to. Thanks to the rise of social media we now learn that there are many who have the conditions and having a forum to discuss living with incontinence is creating an outlet for product and therapeutic devices is changing our lives and lifestyles. The NAFC is a very valuable resource to exchange information and comfort.”

“NAFC has been a great source of info and support.” 

“I been incontinent for many years now and have to wear diapers all the time. Having to wear diapers for most of my life has been a challenge for me. I don’t have much support for wearing diapers because I’ve been told that it’s wrong and not normal to wear a full tape on diapers. I should use pads or pull ups, but they don’t work for me. If it weren’t for NAFC I don’t know what I would do without them, they may gave me the support I needed. You can talk about every day issues like what are the best diapers are for and to vent to others to. As for me I have a lot of medical issues to deal with like, anxiety, epilepsy, severe sleep disorder and restless leg disorder that’s just few of my problems. I have to work and it’s very hard for me to do my job, I can’t get disability because I don’t qualify for it . I just except the fact that I have to wear diapers all the time. NAFC is a great place to get together with other people that have the same issues. So don’t be afraid to let us know what you are thinking and feeling ok. And have a great day.” 

“I have an over active bladder and sleep apnea. I’ve struggled with if for a long time but have learned to cope. I wear diapers at night to deal with bedwetting and also during the day due to my over active bladder. It is embarrassing, but NAFC is a great community. Any questions that you have, there is someone here that can always help you with an answer.”  

“NAFC is the best online support group I have found for any condition let alone one as embarrassing as bedwetting.” 

These quotes represent just a few of the responses we received from our community. Incontinence may not be a life threatening disease, but it limits life in more ways than most people know.

NAFC is here to support those people who feel they have nowhere else to go. We are so proud to be able to help support them, but we cannot do it alone.

Our organization is funded by the generosity of people who believe in us. People who know the work we do to keep our information up to date and to keep things like our message boards running takes time and effort. We are small, but we have many of the same expenses of that of a large corporation.

This December, we’re asking for your help in keeping these efforts going. Your contribution, big or small, can help NAFC continue to offer the best education and support in incontinence management.


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