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13 Ways To Give Back And Make A Difference This Holiday Season

Have bladder leaks got you down this holiday season? It’s human nature to focus on our own problems and these can sometimes feel even more of a burden during the holidays. But sometimes, the best way to raise our own spirits is to do something for those who may be less fortunate that us.

This year more than ever, there are so many people who are struggling. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of many – people have lost jobs, are having trouble meeting their needs financially, are facing additional health concerns, and are coping with extended periods of isolation due to quarantines.  There are so many ways to make a in someone’s life during the holiday season.

Read below for some ideas on how you can make a positive impact and share some love this month.

Start with your own neighborhood.

With COVID-19 forcing people to stay home and separated from loved ones, it’s fair to assume that some of your older neighbors may be going on weeks if not months without seeing or hearing from many people. Make a plate of homemade holiday cookies or drop a meal off for a lonely neighbor, along with a card and some thoughtful well wishes. Your thoughtfulness may just make their week. Take it a step further and give them a few phone calls throughout the season so that they know they aren’t alone.

Donate to your local food bank.

Write letters and cards and send them to a local nursing home. Many nursing home patients haven’t seen family in months due to visiting restrictions.  Enlist your children, friends or family and write some letters to distribute to a local nursing home to bring some light to their residents.

Forego gifts for charity.

It’s always fun to give gifts, but this year, make the decision as a family to do good rather than fill your house with more stuff. Choose an organization that means something to you and have everyone in your family donate vs. buying gifts. (Want to make a donation to NAFC? Click here!)

Adopt a family for Christmas.

Many organizations around the country help connect families or children in need of assistance to those who have a desire to make a difference. Do a quick Google search for your area and find a local organization you can partner with today.

Make the holidays memorable for a child.

Take part in Operation Christmas Child or Toys For Tots.  Organizations like these help get thoughtful gifts to those children who may otherwise not receive anything for the holidays.

Gift old toys.

Clean out your toy box and donate to your local goodwill.  Those unused toys at the bottom of the pile will make someone’s day.

Help the homeless by providing necessities.

Create a couple of gift bags for the homeless. Some ideas include a small backpack filled with things like a pair of socks, gloves, a couple bottles of water, granola bars, tissues and bandages. Or hand out small food gift cards a local fast food restaurant chain so they can get a hot meal.

Give back as part of your normal shopping.

Shopping online? Sign up for AmazonSmile to ensure that a portion of your sale goes to an organization you choose.


This year is hard to do much in person, but there still may be ways you can help. Cook a hot meal and deliver it a local food bank, or better yet, an elderly neighbor. Volunteer to wrap presents and deliver them back to organizations who are distributing them to the needy. You can find volunteer opportunities near you through the site All For Good.

Meals on Wheels.

Volunteer for Meals on Wheels and help deliver meals to those in your local community.

Donate to a Diaper Bank near you.

Do a quick Google search for a local diaper bank and make a donation with either cash or products.

Write a letter or send a care package to a soldier.

Sometimes a comforting letter from home, even if it’s from a stranger, can make all the difference to a homesick soldier during the holidays. Go one step further and create a small care package filled with treats and useful items.

Donate to your local animal shelter.

Don’t forget about our furry friends!  Donate money or time to helping your local animal shelter. And if you’re up for it, you may even consider fostering a pet for a couple of weeks. Who knows – maybe you’ll add one more to your family by the time the holidays are over!

 Practice one or more of these activities this holiday season and see how good it feels to make a difference!

Have another great idea for giving back? Share it with us in the comments!


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