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Practicing Kindness During The Coronavirus


Well, it’s been quite the couple of weeks, hasn’t it? Much of the country is shut down, people are being asked to stay inside, and the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise here in the US.  This is hard, folks. And it’s not like anything we’ve ever experienced.

But one thing that has been getting us through these dark days is to see the abundance of ways that people have been making an effort to cheer one another up. It seems that even in rough times, the human spirit can always prevail, even if we need just a little help from our neighbors.

So make an effort today to do something kind for those around you.  Order your neighbor a lunch to be delivered. Enlist your kid’s help to send homemade cards to a nearby nursing home. Support your local businesses by ordering takeout or buying gift cards to use later. Or check up on a friend or neighbor who lives alone by giving them a call, since this time could be extra lonely for them.

Check out these awesome ways that people around the country have been helping each other through this time!Kindness.jpg

Do your part to keep spirits high, and we think you’ll find that it will raise your own. Follow the trend on social media with the hash tag #CoronaKindness, and then share your own story.


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