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New Brochure: STOP Putting up with your Overactive Bladder Symptoms

Over 33 million people live with Overactive Bladder – that feeling that you have to go to the bathroom all the time, often with a strong sense of urgency. It’s annoying at best. At its worst, it can cause accidental bladder leaks, is disruptive to your day, and can really put a damper on your quality of life.

NAFC has partnered with Allergan in developing a new brochure for patients struggling with Overactive Bladder. It’s filled with lots of great information designed to move you toward drier days:

  • Symptoms of OAB

  • OAB myths

  • How to find out where you are on the treatment pathway

  • The many options available to you for treating Overactive Bladder

  • How to talk to your doctor about OAB

  • A personalized sheet designed to help you start the discussion with your doctor at your next appointment.

Best of all, this brochure is FREE to you and is available for download now in our resource center!
Download The OAB Brochure

Get the brochure today and take the next step toward getting your OAB symptoms under control! For more information on OAB from Allergan and NAFC, visit www.dontsettle.com.


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