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Don’t Let Nocturia Keep You From Getting The Rest You Need This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time of joy for many – the happiness and brightness of the season, and being close to those you love. But for many it can also mean times of stress and anxiety. Finding the perfect gift, managing budgets, holiday parties and tense family relationships can make for a stressful time of year. And, when you add in something like nocturia, it can mean even a greater stress, due to less sleep and more irritability during the day.

Nocturia, due to nocturnal polyuria, is defined as waking 2 or more times to use the bathroom, and a recent poll showed that nocturia affects up to 35% of US adults. Nocturia isn’t just annoying. It can lead to lost sleep and a feeling of drowsiness, irritability and poor concentration during the day. What’s more, if you live with nocturia, you may even be keeping your partner awake with all those trips to the bathroom.

The surprising thing is that even though many people have nocturia, most people – 65%! – have never even heard of the condition. A recent poll showed that among nocturia sufferers, 66% have never spoken to their doctor about their condition, because they think it’s just a normal part of aging, or that nothing can be done to treat it.

If you suffer from multiple trips to the toilet each night, you should know that nocturia is a real condition that’s treatable. There are behavior modifications you can make, and medications that can lessen your nightly bathroom visits, and get you back to getting the sleep you need.

Watch our newest video for this holiday season on nocturia, and learn how you too can treat the condition and start getting more of the sleep you need – during the holidays, and all year long.


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