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Behavioral Therapies For Reducing Nocturia

Nocturia is defined as needing to get up to use the restroom two or more times at night. It is often a symptom of other medical conditions and becomes more common as we age.  Having to get up and use the restroom that often in the middle of the night can be an especially challenging condition for a caregiver to deal with, as it disrupts not only their loved one’s sleep, but theirs as well.  

Here are a few tips to help manage the symptoms:

  • Just before going to bed, urinate and then double-void, relaxing so as to empty your bladder as much as possible

  • Restrict fluid intake: No fluids the last three hours before retiring to bed

  • Eliminate alcohol and caffeine, especially the last three hours before retiring to bed

  • Take a late afternoon rest, lying down for an hour and elevating your legs on a pillow so that heels are higher than your chest, at least two hours before retiring

  • If there is any swelling, or edema, in your feet or ankles, wear compression stockings during the day

  • During the day, consume fruits and vegetables that have natural diuretic properties. A good example is lemon fruit, believed due to its high vitamin C content, according to Purdue University. Others are watermelon, cantaloupe, pears and peaches

The combination of afternoon naps, elevation of legs and compression stockings may reduce fluid build and help alleviate nocturia. In some individuals one of these three options is sufficient in reducing the needed to get up and use the restroom every evening.

As always, consult your physician and understand what treatment options are available. And let us know you’re thoughts in the comments. Nocturia is incredibly common—maybe you have other tips we should consider!


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  1. I only urinate approx 2 times during the day. After going to bed I get up anywhere from 6-8 times. Why not so much during the day and a lot at night. I do get 2-3uti a year suggestions? Great info on you site

  2. Sally- Urinating 2 times per day is well below the normal 6-8 voids per day. Have you seen a urologist and had an exam or any sort of bladder study/testing performed? Are you only getting an urge 2 times per day? How is kidney function? You could be experiencing signs and symptoms of urinary retention and decreased bladder sensation and urge to void. This should be evaluated by a physician. Then request an order for physical therapy and work with a pelvic health physical therapist. This can improve with proper attention and someone trained to help these conditions.

  3. Thanks for the info, I urinate a lot during day between 6-8 times but urinate sometimes once, twice or thrice in the night…..is that normal?

  4. My cousin brother urinates a lot during day like every after 30-40 mins…longest an hour and also during the night. What could be his problem? Yet said they run a test on him and his sugar levels are normal

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