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NAFC’s Voices Of Incontinence Campaign – 2020

The Need

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In 2019, NAFC developed its first ever, annual consumer survey titled “The State of Incontinence”. We surveyed over 1,000 people who experienced bladder leaks and asked them how incontinence impacted their lives. Our survey questions were meant to get a deep understanding of what patients with incontinence deal with on a day to day basis, and covered everything from how incontinence makes them feel, the physical struggles they face due to bladder leaks, and even the financial impact it can have.

What we found was not surprising – Incontinence deeply affects people in many ways. But the verbatim we received from those who answered, telling us in detail how deeply they struggle with this condition, was heartbreaking. We wanted, in some way, to get these stories to the public. To show people the emotional, physical, and even financial distress a patient with incontinence goes through on a daily basis, and to show others with incontinence that they are not alone.


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NAFC shared the results of the annual survey, but it didn’t feel like enough. We wanted to create a narrative that captured these voices and that told the story of their struggles and shone a new light on what it’s actually like to live with bladder leaks. We wanted people to hear the things that they dealt with ever day, in their own voices. We decided to create a campaign to highlight these personal stories.

Program Development and Execution

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NAFC created the campaign “The Voices of Incontinence” by weaving together all the comments that we heard from the respondents in our survey.  We created buckets of commonly themed comments – relationships, quality of life, emotional toll, social impact, understanding your condition, and talking with your doctor. From there, we developed a video for each topic, sharing the verbatim we heard in the survey to show how incontinence impacted that aspect of life. We also developed personal stories based on the comments we heard to better highlight these experiences.

From May through August, 2020 NAFC promoted the Voices of Incontinence campaign. We released a new video and blog post every two weeks, and promoted them on our website (with a dedicated webpage), through social media, and through dedicated newsletters to our database of consumers.


The Voices Of Incontinence campaign was incredibly well received. The videos from the campaign were viewed over 3,500 times and the campaign social posts received nearly 30,000 impressions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram combined, with nearly 800 people engaging with the campaign. The Voices of Incontinence blogs, videos, and campaign were viewed nearly 5,000 times throughout the campaign run.

We are proud to have had an impact in relaying these very personal and real stories.

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