NAFC Nocturia Campaign


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The Need

Nocturia is a condition that is defined as waking up more than 1 time per night to use the bathroom. It’s a widespread condition, but many people are unaware that it is something that they should worry about, let alone treat. The lack of sleep associated with Nocturia can also lead to disruptions in mood, daytime functioning and productivity, in addition to a variety of other health conditions. NAFC chose to create a campaign that raised awareness of Nocturia as a condition and shed light on the various treatment options to manage it.


Because the general public is largely unaware that Nocturia is a legitimate and treatable medical concern, we sought to educate laypeople in a way that was simple, credible and engaging. To do this, we created a series of short, informative videos to promote greater recognition of the condition and its implications for overall health among visitors to our website at

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Creative development began with the understanding that, as important as Nocturia education may be, it can nonetheless be an uninviting subject for many viewers. To overcome this, we created a visual style that relied on bright, friendly animations to capture and hold viewers’ attention. Each video was scripted to last only about 90 seconds, just long enough to deliver sufficient introductory content without losing interest.

Viewers received a general overview of the condition along with insights regarding treatment options. The language chosen and imagery that supported it was relatable and easy to understand, helping us illustrate the both the problem and the solution.

Program Development and Execution

NAFC rolled out the initial two videos in April, 2018. The first focused on Nocturia as a medical condition, outlining what Nocturia is, why it happens and why it is a problem that should be treated. The second focused on tips and treatment options that patients could act upon with the assistance of medical professionals.

In November, we rolled out a 3rd video, capitalizing on the holiday season to make a more emotional connection with audience members. While this video maintained the same visual style as the previous two, instead of offering a traditional narration, it borrowed from the famous “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” poem as a timely way to resonate with consumers.  “Twas a Night Like Most Others” used similar phrasing and meter from the original poem to illustrate the problem in an amusing and unexpected way while still underscoring the need to seek treatment.

All three videos were highlighted prominently on our website and supported with social media, emailed communications, blog posts, and pay-per-click advertising.

Each of the videos can be accessed by clicking the link below:

What is Nocturia?

How To Treat Nocturia

Nocturia Holiday Video


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Altogether, the three Nocturia videos reached more than 115,000 individuals over the life of the campaign, and our videos have been viewed nearly 50,000 times since launch.

In addition to an increase in visits to our website’s Nocturia section, the supporting blog posts for the campaign continue to rank as some of our most traffic-generating articles to date.

The campaign received resounding praise from patients and healthcare professionals, and it provided critical illumination of a condition that’s all too often ignored.