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Insurance Coverage Of Incontinence Products

For many individuals living with incontinence, purchasing continence care supplies can be incredibly costly and ultimately a financial burden each month. For many, their level of incontinence requires changing their incontinence products multiple times per day, and the costs can add up quickly, not to mention the cost of supplemental supplies such as chux pads, gloves, and wipes.

The good news is that many insurance plans provide full coverage of these supplies.

Do All Insurance Plans Provide Coverage of Continence Supplies?

Unfortunately not all insurance plans list continence care supplies as a benefit, however, there are many plans that do provide coverage of these necessary supplies.

When looking at incontinence supplies specifically such as disposable briefs, pull-ons, and bladder control pads or male guards, most state Medicaid plans will fully cover a specific number of these products each month. Some Medicaid plans will also provide coverage of supplemental supplies such as gloves, wipes, and chux pads. Currently, Medicare and the majority of commercial insurance plans do not list incontinence supplies as a covered benefit for their members. However, if you are a Medicare recipient with Medicaid secondary, you may be eligible for 100% coverage of incontinence products.

Catheter and urological supplies are more widely covered than incontinence products. The majority of commercial insurance providers as well as Medicare and Medicaid will provide coverage of a supply of catheters each month.

What Types Of Incontinence Products Could I Receive Through Insurance?

Your coverage for supplies will depend on your specific insurance plan benefits. If you are new to life with incontinence and are unsure which products will best suit your needs and lifestyle, Continence Care Specialists such as those working for Aeroflow Urology, can talk you through various product types and can assist you in trying samples of different products and brands.

  • Disposable Briefs

    Briefs, sometimes referred to as adult diapers, provide maximum absorbency and protection for those with heavy bladder leakage and/or fecal incontinence. The sturdy, refastenable tabs make briefs ideal for those with limited mobility.

  • Disposable Pull-Ons

    The most commonly used product for adults living with incontinence are disposable pull-ons, sometimes called protective underwear. These absorbent products are designed to be pulled on and worn similarly to regular underwear and are ideal for active, mobile individuals experiencing moderate levels of leakage. Pull-ons feature an elastic waistband and leg openings for a secure, leak-free fit.

  • Bladder Control Pads

    Bladder control pads are worn inside of your own undergarments and are ideal for individuals experiencing light or intermittent bladder leakage. Options are available for both female and male anatomies.

  • Catheters

    There are a wide variety of catheter types available and your healthcare provider will help you determine which type of catheter is the best for your specific needs. The three main types of catheters are indwelling catheters, external catheters (sometimes referred to as condom catheters), and intermittent catheters (sometimes called short-term catheters).

  • Supplemental Supplies

    Additional continence care supplies such as disposable or reusable chux pads, sometimes referred to as furniture protectors, as well as disposable gloves and wipes are often available at little or no cost through insurance and can be incredibly beneficial when managing incontinence.

How Many Incontinence Products Can I Receive?

The number of continence care products available to you through insurance will depend on both your insurance plan as well as the needs determined by your healthcare provider. Your doctor or urologist will recommend a maximum quantity of products needed based on your level of incontinence as well as your estimated frequency of changes.

Based on that recommendation, companies such as Aeroflow Urology will work with your insurance to help you receive the maximum number of allowable products based on your needs. This number will often vary based on the product type that you will be utilizing.

How Do I Know If I’m Covered?

Aeroflow Urology, a provider of continence care supplies through insurance, can help you determine your coverage for incontinence products. They take the hassle out of working with your insurance company and will handle all of the communication and paperwork on your behalf. They’ll even work with your healthcare provider to confirm your specific needs and get the appropriate documentation to ensure your supplies are fully covered.

The process to work with Aeroflow Urology is simple. Fill out their quick, two-step form and they’ll take care of the rest (just make sure to have your insurance card ready when completing the form). If you prefer to talk with someone over the phone, you can call Aeroflow Urology at 844-276-5588 and speak with a specially trained Continence Care Specialist.

Once your information is received, you will be assigned a dedicated Continence Care Specialist who will begin working to verify your coverage. They will contact you via phone or email to review your benefits and will then work with you to determine the brand and product type that will work best for you.

What If I Am a Caregiver for Someone with Incontinence?

If you are a caregiver for someone utilizing continence care supplies, you can also assist them in qualifying for coverage of their supplies. You can either submit the qualification form on their behalf or call Aeroflow at 844-276-5588 and provide their information.

Life with incontinence can be an adjustment and paying for supplies out of pocket can be costly. Take one thing off your plate by receiving your continence care supplies as a covered benefit through your insurance plan.



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