Fecal Incontinence Education & Support


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Bowel Health Education & Support: Fecal Incontinence

Millions of Americans contend with Fecal Incontinence (FI) every day. Most FI is characterized by light to moderate bowel leakage. While age is a contributing factor, FI has been reported to affect both men and women as early as 40. 

Most people feel a bit embarrassed when talking to friends or even their healthcare provider about their symptoms. Many suffer in silence and don’t realize there are many treatment solutions and the first step is talking to your doctor.

This condition affects millions of people – you are not alone and you shouldn’t feel ashamed. Bowel incontinence, also known as fecal incontinence, prevents you from controlling your bowel movements. You may experience unexpected leaks or use the bathroom frequently. You may feel lost on where to start or how to find a solution.

We have developed the following video that helps explain bowel incontinence, the many types and the solutions that are available.

Lean more about Fecal Incontinence and what can be done:

Interesting in learning more or have a loved one that might be interesting in reading about their condition? Download our free educational bowel incontinence brochure.

Not sure how to bring up the topic at your next appointment or what to ask? Download this discussion guide and use it to prepare for your next appointment.

Want to hear from an expert on bowel incontinence and learn more about the condition and treatment options? Listen to our podcast featuring Dr. Joshua Bleier.

image of dr bleier, guest on the nafc podcast.

Dr. Joshua Bleier, a colorectal surgeon and chair of the Department of Surgery at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, who shares with us about a treatment that provides relief to an enormous number of patients with bowel incontinence. It’s minimally invasive, performed in office, and in Dr. Bleier’s experience, can deliver meaningful improvement to as many as 90% of the patients he treats with these issues.

Content provided in partnership, Medtronic, maker of InterStim Systems for bladder and bowel control. To learn more about InterStim therapy, visit TalkLeaks.com.


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