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Do Pelvic Stimulators Work For Incontinence? Real Women Share Their Stories Using ELITONE.

We’ve all heard that doing Kegels is important, but how many of you actually do them? And if you do them, how do you know you’re doing them correctly? That’s where ELITONE comes in. It’s a first-of-its-kind, automatic pelvic floor exerciser that’s worn under your clothes and rebuilds your muscle tone for you. ELITONE is an external device, so it’s non-invasive. It’s thinner than a pad and comfortable to wear. 

Best of all? You only need to wear the device for 20-minutes per day, for 6 weeks.  95% of users had success with this FDA-cleared device, and in an FDA-reviewed clinical study, 85% of women saw a reduction in pad use after using ELITONE. 

But how does it work in real life? Hear what actual users have to say about this revolutionary product.

Alicia’s Story

I’m a mom of two kids. I’ve had one C-section delivery and one vaginal delivery. Alicia patient story elitoneAnd I was just tired of leaking when I sneezed, when I jumped, when I coughed too hard. It’s no fun. Who wants that? So I was looking for a solution. I didn’t really feel like going to pelvic floor physical therapy (PFPT) because I have two young kids. I didn’t really have time or the desire to go to PFPT. So when I found ELITONE online, I was like “oh wow, cool! I can do this at home? Nice!” 

So I got it and I gave it a try. I was hoping it would help me decrease or eliminate my leaking issues. My first impression when I got it was: This is cool, pretty easy to set up and use. I was a little skeptical. I know on the website it said the GelPads wouldn’t hurt to remove, and they don’t. They’re easy to put on, easy to take off, and there is no pulling, or hurting anything with the GelPads. That’s pretty great that they figured that out so you can remove them with zero problems. 

When I put it on the first time, I was surprised by how comfortable it was. I didn’t mind having it on. It was great. So that meant that when I’m busy taking care of my two little kids, I can be wearing it and doing my training session while carrying the baby while getting the toddler a snack, and while getting dressed in the morning. It’s really easy to fit it into my day

The thing that worked best for me was every morning while getting ready for the day, if that was one of the days I was going to do my training session, I would just get myself set up, put it on, do my little session while I’m brushing my teeth, washing my face, getting dressed. You know whatever. It’s just easy. It’s been a number of weeks of using ELITONE now. I’m just really grateful for how easy it was to use and incorporate into my daily routine, and that I didn’t have to go anywhere to try to help my situation. I was leaking less and I was also leaking less often. I’m really grateful to have found this product and to be able to use it, and I hope that it can help you, as it has helped me. And I look forward to continuing to use it and get my leaking issue a thing of the past. 

Transcript of Alicia’s video (July 2022)

Sherri’s Story

The reason I decided sherri patient story elitoneto do this is because it’s such an important topic and so many women suffer with this and it’s too important not to talk about. And it works!

It’s adjustable, it’s easy, it’s basically like putting on a pad. And no one would know. I don’t even have to put those little shorts on.

I spoke to my sister and she had the surgery and it failed, and now she has to deal with that and I don’t want to. I want to try to fix it without trying to put something else in my body or having something go wrong with it.

[I would recommend this] 100%. I’ve told all my friends about it, I’ve told my sisters about it, I’m saving so much money on pads, so you know it’s really not bad!

I am going out and having fun, and I’m not embarrassed, and I don’t have to wear certain clothes so that the pads don’t show. I do have to be careful when I drink alcohol so I don’t drink alcohol, but other than that, everything is fine. I’m happy as a lark.

I’m going to get an RV and be more active because now I can, and I’m very excited. I’m just very excited to restart my life freer than I could have before.


Debbie’s Story

Ladies, this really works and will give dramatic improvements. Also very easy to work with once you get the hang of everything in what it does and how it helps. I am 58, a grandma, and a customer of right at 3 weeks now and I have had dramatic improvements. Not just for bladder control but for also repairing a dislocated hip issue that was causing me to not be able to walk due to atrophy muscles not keeping the leg bone in the inner hip socket. These muscles do far more than just bladder control, that we MUST have to function daily. These same muscles, literally, keep your insides inside, as well. This is no joking matter at all.

This ELITONE unit takes care of everything that Kegels does not cover. I am a customer and I do 3 sessions of this every morning and in only 3 weeks, it has been life-changing and even given me back my ability to walk without a cane. My muscle atrophy was so bad that I was almost to the point of using a wheelchair to get around for the leg bone slipping out of the socket because of these muscles being so weak. Now, the cane is sitting and I am constantly on the go, working and moving around without hesitation for hip slip issues while walking. These muscles this rebuilds are that important. Bladder leaks is only a symptom and side effect of this weak muscle issue.

This ELITONE works better than I ever dreamed possible. You work your way up to the high levels but it is worth every penny. The gel pads are great and last a long time with a lot of uses out of each one. I wish I knew about this when I was a teenager as it is that critical to women’s health. I am absolutely thankful to have found this. Oh, and the bladder control issue is now 90% gone in under 3 weeks for me… that is huge improvement. It really does work, and very well. It does far more good than they advertise.

Blanca’s Story

I’m 45 years old. Blanca patient story elitone.I’m a nurse and a mother of a 7-year-old. Before using ELITONE I was having bladder problems quite frequently to the point where I literally had to use a pad every single day. Using the ELITONE was easy, super clean and took very little time out of my day. It’s been about a year since I last used it and I had about an 80% improvement. The best thing is, I’ve been able to maintain my results. And for me that is priceless. I was able to conquer a trampoline. Guess what? No incontinence! To have that much improvement is just amazing and ELITONE made that possible.

Ready to try ELITONE for yourself? Visit www.elitone.com to learn more about how it works, and discover how you can start to see fewer leaks!


3 Responses

  1. How does the elitone work after a cystocele? It’s been 10 years and I’m very active. I would not get through the day without at least 2 or 3 pads. Can I strengthen my pelvis after a cystocele?

  2. What about urge incontinence? Does it work then?
    I know someone who has a neurogenic bladder and bowels.
    Would it work for her?
    Thank you.

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