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Need Extra Leak Protection? Consider Adult Plastic Pants.

If you’re having trouble staying dry, even with absorbent products, adult plastic pants may be a product worth looking into.

With adult diaper covers, the options can seem endless: Vinyl plastic, PVC plastic, Euroflex, Natural Rubber, Latex, Polyurethane Laminate (PUL), Terry-lined… It can seem overwhelming at first! 

To narrow things down, let’s start with the simple vinyl plastic cover.  These are designed to be worn on top of an existing product, such as a disposable diaper, pad, or cloth diaper. They are waterproof and have a plastic feel, making them great for washing and reusing. Vinyl plastic comes in a variety of thicknesses, elastics, colors, and styles.

Do plastic pants stop leaks?

Adult plastic pants stop bladder leaks when worn on top of an existing product, they provide another layer of protection and additional peace of mind.  If the diaper or pads you are wearing are successful at containing leaks, you are ready for a plastic cover. 

How long do plastic pants last?

Vinyl plastic pants and diaper covers are reusable for many months, sometimes even years. Following the proper care instructions can extend the life of your plastic pants.

What are the pros and cons of Adult Plastic Pants?


  • They can protect your bedding and clothing from leaks. The waterproof plastic pants are washable, saving you many cycles of drying out the clothes or sheets that could be damaged by urine soaked through to the fabric. Your mattress will thank you!
  • Life doesn’t stop for leaks. Adult plastic pants can provide a little extra peace of mind, so you know you are covered. Whether it be an adventure in the great outdoors or just around town, these waterproof garments can take anything that life throws at them!
  • Plastic pants are a great way to contain odors and can be effective at masking smells. 
  • Sometimes you may have pads or diapers that shift as you go about your day. Plastic pants make a great barrier to hold everything in place. 


  • Vinyl plastic is a less flexible fabric, with only the slightest bit of stretch.
  • Vinyl plastic fabrics may retain heat and can be more uncomfortable in hot climates. (We suggest a breathable PUL fabric for hotter weather.)
  • Vinyl plastic can have a crinkly or rustly sound, so not ideal for keeping things discreet.

What options are available? 

Protex has a variety of options available for adult plastic pants, depending on your preferences. The primary differences are whether or not you want an enclosed waistband, snaps for easy on/off, and how high the waistband is.  There are also options for overnight use with thicker material weight to ensure leaks are contained for extended periods of time, and plastic pants with longer legs (bloomer style).  To learn more about the options and materials available, see https://www.myprotex.com/nafc for additional resources and articles to help! 


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  1. I have very severe urinary incontinence. I am a male 74 yrs. old. I enjoy the comfort of cloth diapers either cotton or terry cloth. I wear 2 utltra soft vinyl pants made by Fetware/Driware. They are very soft and feel nice over my diapers. I change my diapers on an average of 3 during the day. During the night I have to be extra padded as I pee quite heavily during the night. I wear Better Dry disposable with plastic backing and 1 pair of kins 6 gauge vinyl pants, then a terry cloth pull on diaper over that with 2 Fetware ultra soft plastic pants in various colors. When I pee it is quite heavy and go at least 5 times during the night, so need lot of padding or I would wet the bed. I am not able to drink liquid without having to urinate almost right away. I have gotten used to it, but I don’t like to go too far away for too long as not too many people know about it. I do enjoy my caffine 1 cup at breakfast and another at lunch and 1 decaf after dinner. If I need to be gone all day I will only have my A.M. coffee. I also used to find wearing diapers and plastic pants very calming and comfortable and for stress, but in the last year I need them as a necessity.Have you heard of anyone my age or Younger experiencing the same situation as me.

  2. I was a bed wetter for a long time as a child and when I was about 30 years old this started again. No doctor knows why this is so. Now I have to wear diapers and plastic panties. They give me the security I need. Without them I don’t feel safe. Whether I wear disposable diapers or, like at home and overnight, washable diapers, plastic panties are mandatory for me. With washable diapers, it has to be anyway. With disposable diapers, for example Northshore or BetterDry, plastic underpants help to hold them better. It can happen that the adhesive tapes come loose. Plastic panties help to prevent this. In addition, diapers become heavy over time and well-fitting plastic panties are a great help. Of course, in the summer, when it is very warm outside, it is a little less comfortable. But you get used to it. Regarding the rustling of plastic, I can only say that you do not hear it. You think you hear it. But nobody hears it. And even if they do, people are fixated on their cell phones or other things, rather than paying attention to what sounds they hear. So I recommend everyone to get such panties.

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