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Products That Help You Prevent Odor And Protect The Skin

If you have an incontinent person in your home, or you yourself are incontinent, of course you know to get the basics: bladder pads, briefs, or pull-ups. However, there are other supplies that can help to ensure you and/or your loved one feel comfortable and confident. Read on to learn about products that help you prevent odor and protect the skin when you or a loved one has incontinence.

Products That Prevent Odor

For example, you may experience a battle against a relentless foe: odor. There is no need to worry because there are steps you can take and products you can use that will go a long way toward winning this battle and controlling odor in your home. 

Odor eliminator air fresheners are better than your standard air fresheners. Which tend to produce less than satisfactory results. Odors from urine or feces can be really tough to control, so what is needed is an odor eliminator that is meant to target those odors. There are biological odor eliminator sprays meant specifically for the odors associated with incontinence. These safe and effective products neutralize odors in the air by absorbing them with the added benefit of reducing bacteria. There are several different kinds, and they are available in unscented or scented versions.

Odor eliminators for fabrics are something else that greatly helps when you are at war with odor Products such as Febreeze help with use on bedding and other soft surfaces,  but for larger urine accidents on upholstery, you may want to try a product specifically formulated for deep cleaning. For example, Urine RX has created a formula that specifically attacks these odor chemicals to eliminate them. Most odor-eliminator products are not safe for use on the skin, but some are! Perineal cleansers are great for cleaning and protecting the skin at changing times, but also contain an odor-controlling lotion for odor protection throughout the day (Find out more about this below).

Surface Sanitizer is something that should not be forgotten. It is a good tip to always keep a surface sanitizer on hand.  Reduced bacteria means reduced odor—and you will feel better, too.  Spray disinfectants are good for this purpose, and surface disinfecting wipes can be even better for quick cleans.

Hygienic Bags for Disposal or Scented disposal bags are handy and inexpensive for controlling the odor of used diapers in your trash can.  They come in a dispenser box and are designed for one use/one diaper and changing supplies – nothing extra is needed.  They are good for home and away, so get at least a couple of boxes.  

Underpads and mattress protectors are other products that can help with both odor and cleanliness of beds and furniture. Waterproof mattress protectors are a great way to add a layer of protection and can be a great way to keep odors from seeping deep into mattresses. If you feel you want or need an added layer of protection for your mattress or protection on other surfaces such as couches, wheelchairs, etc, underpads are a great product to have.   Underpads are pads filled with fluff or polymer designed to absorb excess urine that come with accidents or urine leakage. It does this while also protecting the furniture. Underpads can be reusable or disposable. They also come in various sizes and absorbency levels.  Some can even be used to help lift or move individuals that are immobile. We offer free samples for any disposable underpads.

Products That Protect The Skin

Preventing leaks and eliminating odors can be very important for the environment around anyone who has incontinence. However, it is necessary to note that taking care of the skin is just as important as anything mentioned above. Since using incontinence products such as diapers, pull-ups, and bladder pads causes the skin to be in close contact with urine or stool, it is important to change frequently and keep that area as clean and dry as possible. This is the first step to help prevent skin irritation or infection.

Most people think that using soap and water like normal is all that is needed when it comes to skincare and incontinence. However, that is not typically the case. There are cleansers specifically made to remove both urine and fecal matter without the need for excessive scrubbing. This helps to prevent the skin from drying out, no matter how frequently it is used. There are also barrier/protective ointments, moisturizing products, and antifungal creams that can all be useful when helping with skin care. 

Wet Wipe/Wash Cloths are an easy and non-irritating cleanser that can gently dissolve irritants just by wiping. Using some sort of wipe should be one of the first steps to help take care of your skin. It is important to know there are wet wipes that are especially effective for adults. These are more durable and larger in size.

Perineal Cleansers can be used as an extra cleaning step. These cleaners are specially formulated and contain medical-grade antiseptics to keep the skin in the perineum clean. They are considered more gentle than usual soaps. This is because they are formulated for the most sensitive areas without the risk of drying out the skin. These cleansers can easily eliminate fecal or urine matter. And, they help prevent the build-up of fungi and bacteria, and many even contain odor-elimination formulas. Most of the time they come in a spray which allows for easy use and less mess. 

Moisturizing Cream/Lotion is important in making sure that the skin does not dry out. When skin is dry, it weakens the strength of the skin’s natural barrier making it difficult to protect itself. Make sure you get a moisturizer for delicate skin with a protective moisturizer formulated especially for the perineal area. Check the ingredients; ingredients such as Zinc, vitamin E, and Aloe vera have all been proven to help with the prevention of incontinence-related skin conditions. 

Barrier Creams/Ointments are skin care products that support the natural barrier function of the skin. They are designed to protect the skin from irritation that could be caused by urine, stool, or excessive moisture. Barrier creams with Zinc Oxide can seal and protect the skin from the effects of exposure to urine or fecal matter. However, they do more than just keep these irritants out. They also seal in the oil content of your skin to help lock in moisture to keep your skin from drying out. This should always be the last step. It should be applied AFTER any moisturizer or lotion that you might use so that it can seal in the hydration needed.

Antibacterial/Antifungal Cream is a non-prescription-based cream with ingredients that can still treat bacterial or fungal infections. While this is not necessary for an everyday routine for everyone,it is important to know what this product is. It is especially useful in cases where there are persistent rashes, itchiness or redness. 

The products above help a great deal and go a long way when trying to keep the skin healthy. Keep in mind that frequent changes of products and cleaning the area thoroughly is crucial each time there is a urinary or bowel movement. Once this area has been cleaned and dried thoroughly, you can apply or reapply the products.


It’s a necessity to make sure you are using the right diaper, pull-up, or bladder pad. But it is equally as important to ensure you are using other products that will help with the overall comfort, health, and overall quality of life for you or your incontinent family member.


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