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Customer Favorites: Adult Products For Bedwetting

Adult nighttime bedwetting can rob a person of precious sleep. It can take time stripping the bed and washing sheets, it’s disruptive to other family members, and it can also cause feelings of depression or shame. All of these can be helped with the use of the proper incontinence products.

Purchasing the right type, size, absorbency level, and brand is critical. However, it is very confusing to figure out.  You would be surprised to find out how many people are wearing the wrong product for their body and lifestyle. If you have been using the same brand for the past ten years or so, it may be time to try a different one. Technology has greatly advanced in the field of bladder control products. Additionally, many new products are now available.

The LiveAnew Care team is made up of incontinence product experts who have helped more than 100k individuals find his or her perfect product.

Below are the most popular products in each of the major categories based on these consultations.


Overnight bladder control pads are great for many people.  Three of the most popular include:

beyond overnight pad
  1. Beyond Overnight is a shorter pad made of very soft materials.  It is dye-free and has tall side guards.

  2. Tena Overnight has a unique shape for more coverage in the back.  It is extra-long for comfort and thinner than most brands.

  3. Poise Ultimate Long is a long pad that is great for overnight protection.                           


Disposable underwear for women and for men gives you the ability to move more freely during the day due to their flexible fit and comfortable elastic leg gathers and protective leak-proof waistband. At night, they provide outstanding wetness and odor control for even the most restless sleeper.  Three of the most popular overnight underwear include:

liveanew maxplus underwearseni active super plus underwear
  1. LiveAnew MaxPlus is made of very soft materials, has the best leg cuffs for extra protection, and comes in 5 sizes for a better fit.

  2. Tranquility Premium Overnight has an excellent top sheet for superior wetness wicking and inner leg cuffs.  It is available in sizes from small to XXL.

  3. Seni Active SuperPlus is soft, has inner leak guards, and is a high absorbent option.


Adult diapers are much softer and more comfortable than ever before, and some have re-attachable tabs that also cinch up for a greater fit. They are used for total bladder loss and/or bowel incontinence.  Overnight versions come in plastic-backed or breathable materials.  3 of the most popular options for their absorption and quality include:

beyond xp 5000 brief 600px large byd
  1. Beyond XP5000 brief is a high absorbent, plastic-backed brief.  It has the best tabs that can be refastened and has outstanding leg cuffs.

  2. BetterDry is plastic-backed with great leg cuffs and is super absorbent.

  3. Seni Quatro is made with breathable materials but holds its shape like a plastic-backed brief.


Creating as many waterproof barriers as you can between the mattress, bedding, and you will greatly reduce unwanted accidents.


Another great add-on option is to put a booster pad (aka doubler) into your pull-on or brief.  Two popular options are the LiveAnew Booster, for those that want a larger option and the Tranquility Booster.


Of course, traditional mattress covers (aka under pads and chux) are also available and helpful.  One of the most popular is the Prevail Furniture Super Absorbent Pad.

Vinyl waterproof mattress cover that zips for the greatest protection. Many of the newer mattress covers are more breathable, are cooler, and discreet. The use of this type product can also greatly reduce dust mites, so that’s a bonus if you suffer from allergies. There are different sizes and absorbencies of disposable and washable furniture pads you can place on top of the sheet to help keep sheets dryer.

Waterproof sheets coupled with furniture pads will ensure that if an accident happens, it’s as easy as wiping down the sheet instead of having to pull it off and wash it in the middle of the night.  This will make things a lot easier for everyone concerned and it’s an added layer to not only keep your mattress dry, but adds an extra layer against dust mites as well.


Just remember that it all begins with you. If you stay dry, your bed will, too. There are steps you can take to ensure you, your bedding and mattress stay dry and comfortable and by purchasing the right products, you will be well on your way to a better night of rest.    Experimenting with different types of adult diapers, pull-on underwear, pads and furniture pads will also help. If you find accidents are happening more often, try a different product. If you are using a pad, try using a larger, more absorbent pad. If you need more absorption, try a disposable brief or disposable underwear.  They come in many different absorbencies and you can also add booster pads to ramp up overnight protection.

About the sponsor, LiveAnew

LiveAnew.com is a leading retailer of incontinence pads, pull-on underwear, and adult diapers/briefs.  LiveAnew offers a curated set of over 100 products from the top US and global manufacturers.  Most of these products are not found at local stores.  All deliveries are done by FedEx and arrive in discrete boxes.  The LiveAnew Care team is available for free product consultations at 1-800-411-3008 during business hours.


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  1. I haven’t found any but I need a tool an adaptation to put on adult pull- ups , as I am a paraplegic and most brands elastic is to closed up / something like a sewing ring, band with a handle to put the garment on with I am using a brief (diaper) from Tena with elastic sides but I cannot pull up all the way after pre-sizing over my thighs any ideas

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