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ASK THE DOC: Is It Safe To Have Sex With A Vaginal Prolapse?


Answer: Yes! A prolapse occurs when a woman’s vaginal wall weakens and collapses, causing the uterus, rectum, or bladder to fall into the vagina. However, in most cases, it is completely fine to have sex as long as the woman feels comfortable. And, having sex when you have a prolapse will not cause any harm to the bladder, rectum, or uterus, nor will it make the prolapse worse.

Some women with a prolapsed organ may feel some slight discomfort during sex. Using lubricant can help, as well as ensuring your pelvic floor is completely relaxed before you begin. Trying other positions may also alleviate any pain you are experiencing too. Talk with your partner about what feels best for you.

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  1. I have a 9 months old baby ,and since I gave birth I’m experiencing a vaginal prolapse,the doctor said I must do keygel excersise.im worried if this will go away ,the feeling of something bulging underneath my vagina.

  2. I have a prolapse. Have had it for years. You don’t feel anything protruding. Atleast I don’t. I am 79 and still enjoy sex probably more then when I was younger. Don’t worry about it and go and enjoy

  3. I had a uterus prolapse and it was very painful. Especially after my 3rd child. Pregnancy was fine, but a few months after birth I would have to raise my hips with pillows when she napped and sometimes.more than once a day. Had a hysterectomy and Dr said it just fell out. Now, 20 years after that my bladder is doing the same. Yes, sex is fine, but if you are physically active, as I am, it becomes painful at times. So far not as bad as the uterus was and will likely habe it tacked up soon. A prolapsed bladder can also cause uretha pain and flora bacteria.

  4. I have a prolapsed bladder long after pregnancy I got mine about 68. I am 72 now I am ready for something to be done. I don’t even like the feel of it when it falls down when my hand touches it I am going into a new relationship after my divorce, and I am scared to death to tell him about this, what to do?

  5. Just found out I have a prolapse uterus
    and sex is very painful. Has anyone dealing with this found anything that helps???

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