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Ask the Doc: Does Reusable Incontinence Underwear Need Disposable Pads Inside as Well?

Question: I have recently bought some washable leakproof incontinence underwear. Do I need to wear a pad inside them for extra protection?

Great question! There are many incontinence products on the market, so it can be hard to weigh up the alternatives and figure out how they’re used together. Luckily, most washable incontinence underwear comes with its own absorbent gusset or pouch, which essentially acts as a built-in pad. It provides an all-in-one solution for people who experience light-to-moderate urinary incontinence, so you won’t have to double up or change your pad multiple times a day. Well-designed reusable absorbent underwear are best worn without a single-use pad inside, as this can compromise the fit and cause leaks.

How Does Leakproof Underwear Work?

Reusable incontinence underwear looks and feels just like regular underwear, with added leakproof protection. Confitex has nailed leakproof technology with the innovative multi-layered textile construction in their reusable incontinence underwear. With stylish designs such as the Lace Midi Briefs with Everyday Absorbency, it’s hard to tell that they have built-in padding. Here’s how their high-performance absorbent technology works.

1. Wicking Layer

The first layer, which sits closest to your skin, is a soft, fast-wicking fabric that quickly draws moisture away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable and help prevent the rashes that commonly occur when you wear single-use hygiene products every day.

2. Absorbency Retention Layer

Next is a moisture-retaining inner layer, which absorbs and holds liquid even under body weight pressure.

3. Leakproof Layer

The final layer is flexible, breathable and totally waterproof to lock in leaks.

How Long Can I Wear Padded Underwear for Incontinence?

This will depend on the brand of reusable underwear, your flow and your day-to-day activities. Confitex’s high-performance technology means that many customers with light bladder leakage can comfortably wear the same pair for 24 hours.

You may wish to change your reusable underwear more often if you have a heavier flow or on days when you go to the gym, for example. Luckily, Confitex briefs can be tumble-dried to allow for a quick turnaround between wears.

Can I Wear Padded Underwear for Incontinence at Night?

Yes! Many people find it is more comfortable for night-time wear than pads.

Disadvantages of Leakproof Pads

Many people find washable leakproof incontinence underwear to be a convenient alternative to disposable leakproof pads. Here are a couple of reasons why:

Leakproof Pads are Less Sustainable

Leakproof pads must be changed anywhere from 2-6 times a day, depending on your level of bladder leakage. Over time this adds up to thousands of disposable pads in landfill, where they can take up to 500 years to break down.

Disposable Leakproof Pads are Less Discreet

Leakproof pads are less discreet than reusable incontinence underwear, particularly in situations like the gym changing room. Although urinary incontinence is very common, many people feel self-conscious about wearing incontinence pads in public. This isn’t a concern with reusable incontinence briefs, as they look just like any other pair of underwear.

If you experience bladder leakage, padded underwear for incontinence could be the all-in-one solution for you. Head to the Confitex website to browse their full range and find a life-changing solution for light-to-moderate leaks.


Confitex leakproof underwear for men and women are available only online at confitex.com

To view the range and receive your exclusive 15% discount for NAFC readers, visit confitex.com and enter the code NAFC2315 at checkout. We recommend that you check the size guide before purchasing, and that you buy one pair first so you can check the size and absorbency in the comfort and privacy of your own home.   


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