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7 Tell-Tale Signs You Have A Bladder Infection

If you’ve suffered from bladder infections in the past, you likely know the symptoms when you spot them. After all, a UTI is an unpleasant experience and not easily forgettable. But if you’re experiencing one for the first time, it may be hard to know what your symptoms mean.

Below are 7 signs that you may be suffering from a bladder infection or a UTI. Of course, any of these may occur on their own, but a UTI is more likely when you experience a combination of any of the below.



A strong burning sensation when you’re urinating is one of the most common signs of having a bladder infection. It happens when bacteria, (most often E. coli) gets into your urethra.


Many women with UTIs experience the need to go to the bathroom often – even if they just went. These bathroom trips typically don’t produce much urine.


If you’re rushing to the bathroom often, with the intense need to urinate NOW, it may be a sign of a urinary tract infection. This typically is accompanied by painful urination.


Pain, pressure or tenderness in your abdomen and pubic area is common with a bladder infection. If the pain moves to your lower back, it could be an indication that the infection has spread to your kidneys.


Cloudy colored urine is common in urinary tract infections, and if you see blood in the urine, it may be a sign of a leakage of red-blood cells from your kidneys. Both are signs of a UTI or bladder infection.


This may be one of the first indications that you’re developing a UTI. You can thank the bacteria that are causing the infection for producing a strong ammonia smell, or a sweet or off-smelling urine.


While less common, and certainly not an indicator on it’s own, if you’ve developed any of the above symptoms, and also have a fever, it’s time to get checked out by a doctor (if you haven’t already). A UTI is considered more serious the farther up the urinary tract is goes, and fever (and sometimes chills, or even nausea or vomiting) can be an indication that it’s reached the kidneys. If this happens, call your doctor right away.

If you’re experiencing any combination of the symptoms above, see a doctor right away. Bladder infections are often treated with antibiotics and the sooner you start them, the sooner you’ll find relief.


5 Responses

  1. When peein I get a sensation right through my body only lasts second almost like a nerve?

  2. My comments are when peeing a sensation through my body lik nerve only lasts a short while

  3. Hi! For me i am feeling severe pain below my navel to tip of my penis and severe lower back pain and my side especially my waist side…

  4. I had a very bad uti last January. Started in December but didn’t dawn on me till it went to my back . Urine test showed blood and now a year later I still haven’t seen the urinalysis which they said was urgent. I also had a very bad external yeast infection which was hard for them to treat. Plus at inside of both thighs it burns going down my leg. Like acid eating my skin and no one has paid attention to that. What could that be too much acid in my pee. Very uncomfortable and rubs against my clothes. I have tried niva cream Vaseline and other natural soaps nothing helps and now since I have to pee so much the burning is worse. What could it be ?

  5. Go back to your doctor and see if UTI came back, this does not seem normal, but I had one this month, and had back pain, burning, and cloudy urine, took antibiotics for 10 days or so, so far, thank God, it seems like it is gone, I also had temperature and threw up. No blood in urine, but funny smell and color. If you have any of those problems go get checked out again, sometimes you can reinfect yourself, if you don’t disinfect your clothes and toilet and have to be careful not to cross contaminate and what caused the UTI in the first place, you may reinfect yourself, anyway have a doctor check you out and stay in tune with your body, keep everything clean around your environment, and don’t use public bathrooms, unless you put the protective sheet on toilet seat, the UTI can be transferred on toilet seats. About the pain on legs, not sure what would help, but wear depends or kotex pads to keep urine from coming down legs. Just wash off with soap and water before it starts to burn skin, and I would try AD for diaper rashes they use for babies to keep any rashes from developing. Hope this helps.

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