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Straight Talk About IBD

Unlike many other disorders, Inflammatory Bowel Disease is not a single condition. It’s actually a term for a family of conditions that involve inflammation of your gastrointestinal tract. When you have an IBD disorder, certain triggering events can cause your body to react in ways that produce unpleasant symptoms, including many that happen outside of your digestive tract. This brochure will give you the facts about IBD along with tips to treat it and information on your options.


Participate In a Paid Product Test At Home!

One of our partners is conducting at home testing of their absorbency products to improve product performance and test new technologies. Qualified participants will receive a package of personal care products to test for 14 days and will then be asked to provide feedback in a short survey. 

For testing the product and fully completing the post-use survey, you will receive $30.00!

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