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2019 NAFC Annual Survey Results On The State Of Incontinence -Patient Reported Data!

FULL ANNUAL SURVEY RESULTS HERE! With a complete “Break The Stigma” outreach kit included to share the data with your network.

In this kit you will receive:

  • Full Survey Report
  • In Office Patient Poster – Infographic of Survey Results
  • Discussion Guides – (Printable) to help improve the dialogue
  • Social Media – Graphics and sample copy posts to use on your social platforms.
  • Press Release
  • Video summary of the results

NAFC conducted its annual 2019 State of Incontinence Survey for all patient website visitors and subscribers. It polled over 1,100 respondents across a range of incontinence topics, including diagnosis, treatment plans, emotional impact, willingness to discuss their condition with physician, personal relationships and more.

The objective of the survey was to better understand current patient behaviors, their attitudes regarding their incontinence treatments, their efforts to find help for their conditions, the way that their conditions impacted their lives and relationships, their interactions with healthcare professionals and their experience with incontinence products.


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Do you suffer from a bowel condition? We want to hear from you! Click below to take a survey sponsored by NAFC.

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