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Menopause, Your Way

For too long now, women’swoman in bed under covers experiences with menopause have been dismissed and minimized. That does a disservice to every woman who has been through menopause, is experiencing symptoms, or will go through menopause in the future. Depending on the person, depending on the day, menopause can be challenging, liberating, frightening, and uplifting – and sometimes it can be all four of those things at once.

Introducing Orchana (TM) the digital health platform (coming soon!) that takes a holistic approach to help you better manage your menopausal symptoms. Orchana enables women to learn about their bodies, connect with a community of peers, and access to health coaches to help them feel better.

Please note: NAFC does not own the Orchana platform; this is a paid promotion by Orchana.

Whether you’re just starting to experience hormonal changes, are well into your transition, or facing medically induced menopause, Orchana has something for you. You’ll find a range of resources in one easy-to-use platform including guidance on diet and exercise, mindfulness techniques, and behavior modification strategies.

How Orchana Works

Every woman’s menopause journey is unique, so your symptom management recommendations should be tailored to you!

Orchana offers access to resources, community, health coaches and action plans designed for your needs.

First, Enter Your Symptoms

Orchana platform on phoneThe first thing you’ll do is establish a personal baseline, outlining all the changes and symptoms you’ve been experiencing.


With Orchana, you’re not alone. Choose from Orchana’s family of engaging, empowering health coaches and schedule your virtual consultations directly through the platform.


Forget about one-size-fits-all solutions. Your health coach will develop an action plan built for you, with clear guidance on how you can begin to implement the recommendations you’ve been provided.

woman sitting next to plantJOIN MONTHLY COMMUNITY COACHING

Led by one of Orchana’s caring and experienced coaches, these virtual 60-minute interactive sessions address commonly expressed menopausal concerns and provide a safe space for honest discussion, actionable tips, insights, and the opportunity to connect with others along the same path.

There are flexible payment options available, so you can choose how and when you engage with our health coaches.


Click the link below and follow the prompts to have your name added to the wait list for early access to the Orchana platform!

*NAFC does not own the Orchana platform; this is a paid promotion by Orchana.

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