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TQ Master

Tranquility® is the flagship brand of Principle Business Enterprises (PBE), a family-owned company specializing in advanced absorbent technologies. For more than 30 years, Tranquility has supported individuals like you in managing your most challenging incontinence care needs, providing you a calm and confident space to live well. We also help personal caregivers and healthcare professionals in hospitals, nursing homes, Veterans Affairs, and other facilities improve their quality of incontinence care, enhancing the lives of those they serve.


A Personal Focus

We offer a breadth of products that uniquely supports specific medical conditions, lifestyle needs, and budget, so you can find a product that feels like it was made just for you.

Compassion-Driven Innovation

Through rigorous research and testing, we never stop refining better ways to support healthier, more fulfilled lives and higher quality care.

Commitment to Care

Family-minded to the core, we are committed to your needs and those of your caregivers, ensuring you may live with the confidence, comfort, and continual support you deserve.

Real Life Protection Guarantee

Tranquility® products absorb and contain their stated fluid capacity, no matter how much pressure is applied – whether you’re sleeping, sitting, or on-the-move. We guarantee it! You can rely on our clinically proven design to protect you during your real, everyday activities, so you can live freely and confidently, with fewer worries.

Whether you are living at home, administering a nursing home, or purchasing on behalf of a hospital or healthcare facility, Tranquility offers premium incontinence care products, education, and training to improve quality of life and quality of care.

Click here to receive a FREE 2-pack sample of Tranquility, and contact us for more information. We can help you obtain products through private insurance, Medicaid and state waivers; help locate a dealer near you; and advise you along your journey to improved freedom and confidence.