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Just Do It – Don’t Wait To Start Treating Your Incontinence

Another year is almost over.  What have you done to overcome your incontinence this year?  Maybe you’ve started a new workout routine that strengthens the pelvic floor.  Maybe you’ve spoken with your doctor about a new medication to try.  Maybe you’ve even discussed taking a bigger step toward a permanent solution through surgery.

Or, maybe you’ve done nothing.  Maybe you’ve continued to let incontinence control your life.  Maybe, for another year, you’ve declined social invitations for fear of having an accident.  Maybe you’ve kept your secret hidden from family members and loved ones because you are embarrassed.  Maybe you’ve spent another full year silently suffering.

Our question to you, then, would be this:  Why?  Why would you let your incontinence control you….your work….your family…..your life?  There are so many treatment options for incontinence that no one should have to suffer in silence.  Everyone deserves to live a full life ruled not by their embarrassments, shame and fear, but by their loves, interests and passions.

We get it – first steps are hard.  They require you to be brave, and open and honest.  They make you vulnerable.  They force you to trust-fall into life’s unknowns.  But trust us when we tell you:  they are so worth it.

We challenge you this next year to take action.  Any action!  Open up to a friend about incontinence, talk to your doctor, go see a physical therapist – do something!  Because really, the alternative is no longer an option if you want to start living the life that you want.

And, we have a sneaking suspicion that the moment you take that first step you will find that it wasn’t so difficult after all.


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