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2022 Topic: Bowel Health

For the past 3 years, NAFC has conducted a nationwide survey to learn more about bladder health and all of the physical, financial and emotional challenges that come along with it. But we know that incontinence isn’t only a condition of the bladder – bowel problems can be just as troubling, if not more so. That’s why this year we’re focusing our efforts on learning more about bowel health and how digestive conditions affect you.

We’re hoping that you’ll complete our survey to give us important insight on the symptoms you deal with, your management strategies, your experience with physicians, the products you use, the mental impact it has, and the ways it can influence your relationships. Most of all, we want to learn how we can help make your life a little easier – after all, that’s our first and most important priority.

bowel health survey image.

Please click the link below to take the survey today – it’s easy, it’s anonymous and it can do tremendous good for so many who struggle with these conditions.


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Fecal Incontinence In The Bedroom

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