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2019 AND 2020 Survey Results Package – Discounted!

Get BOTH the 2019 and 2020 FULL ANNUAL SURVEY RESULTS HERE for a discounted price!

NAFC 2019 Survey Info and Focus:

NAFC conducted its annual 2019 State of Incontinence Survey for all patient website visitors and subscribers. It polled over 1,100 respondents across a range of incontinence topics, including diagnosis, treatment plans, emotional impact, willingness to discuss their condition with physician, personal relationships and more.

The objective of the survey was to better understand current patient behaviors, their attitudes regarding their incontinence treatments, their efforts to find help for their conditions, the way that their conditions impacted their lives and relationships, their interactions with healthcare professionals and their experience with incontinence products.

NAFC 2020 Survey Info And Focus:

This year our focus was on learning more about the doctor-patient relationship. We wanted to know how patients (or doctors) initiated the discussion around bladder leaks, how patients felt during the discussion, what types of education and treatment options were discussed, and the overall outcome and follow up after the appointment was over.

Over the course of 2 months, NAFC surveyed over 260 patients about their interactions with their doctors. Download our 72 page report to learn more about how patients feel when they speak with their doctors, what’s working, and what improvements can be made to make the discussion better. Includes data on the following:

  • Time spent discussing incontinence
  • Level of education provided around bladder health and incontinence
  • Differences in interactions with men vs. women
  • Diagnosis and treatment provided
  • Level of follow up received
  • Level of satisfaction with total care received
  • Much more!
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