Patient, Caregiver And HCP Survey On Medical Communications


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The Curry Rockefeller Group, a medical communications and strategic scientific services agency, and Urovant Sciences, a pharmaceutical company that develops treatments for urologic conditions, are conducting research to assess the perspectives of people with urologic conditions, caregivers, and healthcare providers on medical research and medical communications related to urologic conditions. Your responses will be used to help educate the medical community on ways to improve the delivery of information.  

Purpose Of The Research Study

The goals of our research are to understand how and where individuals wish to receive medical information. We also hope to understand the types of medical information people prefer to read. 

We estimate that the survey will take 10-15 minutes. Your responses are anonymous, and you will not be contacted again regarding your responses to this survey. You can skip any question you do not want to answer. All information is for research purposes only and will not be used to provide medical advice or to change medical practice. 

Thank you for your participation.