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Norton Hurley

Located in Johnson City, TN, NortonHurley.com is America’s fastest-growing incontinence online retailer. Norton Hurley realizes that breaking down the stigma surrounding incontinence is important and necessary. It enables more transparent conversations and allows us to provide better solutions to incontinent individuals. We are thrilled to be a NAFC partner.

What the NAFC community can expect from Norton Hurley:

  • Brands such as Caroli, exclusive to sales in the US.

  • Premium brands (Abena, TENA, Prevail, and many more) at low prices

  • Better customer service

  • Fast shipping & satisfaction guarantee

Norton Hurley is proud to offer discrete solutions, product guidance, and a friendly “hello” anytime you’d like to chat. Feel free to email us, call or live chat day or night. Stop on over to the site and use the promo code “NAFC” for a 15% discount today!