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Oportunidades de investigación actuales


¡Reciba herramientas personalizadas para ayudarle a controlar su afección y obtenga lo último en salud de la vejiga y los intestinos de NAFC!

Participate In A Survey Or Clinical Trial! Current Research Opportunities

The National Association For Continence, in collaboration with numerous entities, actively explores Current Research Opportunities concerning diverse bladder and bowel health issues. Moreover, our primary objective remains the acquisition of deeper insights into the challenges individuals encounter with these conditions, thereby enabling the development of innovative resources to provide effective assistance.

Below are our current opportunities available. Please click the links to learn more, or alternatively, let us know if you have any questions by emailing

Realice la encuesta sobre mujeres e incontinencia

Attention all women: We cordially invite you to contribute to a meaningful survey on incontinence. Your valuable insights will serve to illuminate the genuine challenges and stigmas associated with this condition, consequently guiding us in enhancing treatment options. Kindly share your personal story and become an integral part of fostering positive change!

¿Tiene incontinencia urinaria de urgencia?

If you are experiencing leaks, you might qualify to participate in a new clinical trial for the Intibia™ System, currently available at selected locations across the US. Should you meet the eligibility criteria and decide to enroll in the study, you will receive the Intibia System and procedure at no charge, in addition to all study-related care, along with compensation for your valuable time and effort.

Este dispositivo no está aprobado para la venta.

¿Sufres de incontinencia fecal?

For certain patients, conventional medical treatments have failed to achieve sustained resolution of FI. Nonetheless, Cellf BIO offers a treatment option that seeks to restore the normal physiological function of the anorectum.

Introducing the innovative Cell-Based Therapy – BioSphincter.

The experimental BioSphincter is bioengineered from the patient’s own smooth muscle cells and neural stem cells, obtained through a biopsy procedure, thereby eliminating any risk of rejection.

The newly grown autologous sphincter will be implanted in the area of the defective sphincter, creating a new continuum of the patient’s gastrointestinal tract.

Mujeres: ¡Reciban $30 por probar un nuevo producto de absorbencia!

One of our partners is presently conducting at-home testing of their absorbency products to bolster product performance and assess new technologies under development.

Qualified participants will receive a package of personal care products to test for a duration of 14 days. Following this period, participants will be requested to provide feedback through a brief survey.

As a token of appreciation for participating in the product testing and fully completing the post-use survey, you will receive $30.00!

To learn more and determine your eligibility, please visit the link provided below!

*Please be advised that successfully completing the qualification survey does not guarantee participation in the product test. Several other qualifying factors are evaluated once a pool of viable candidates is identified.

Participe en la Encuesta Seltzer

NYU is currently conducting a study looking at the urination habits of women with urinary urgency and their associated fluid intake, including seltzer water.

Los participantes deben ser:

-Mujeres entre 18 y 100 años.
-Experimentar urgencia urinaria o frecuencia urinaria o tener un diagnóstico de vejiga hiperactiva.

Los participantes NO podrán ser:

-Tiene antecedentes de cáncer de vejiga.
-Previamente había recibido radiación pélvica.

¡Realice la encuesta sobre pérdidas de vejiga!

Do you find yourself experiencing leaks when you laugh, cough, sneeze, or engage in physical activity?

If so, we want to hear from you. Currently, we are conducting a survey to ascertain what matters most to patients dealing with stress urinary incontinence. Your input will play a crucial role in shaping research endeavors for the years ahead.

What’s even better is that by joining our patient network, you’ll become a valued member of a dynamic community comprised of individuals who are confronting similar challenges. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in trainings, surveys, webinars, focus groups, and more.


Mujeres: Contribuir a una encuesta significativa sobre la incontinencia. Sus conocimientos arrojarán luz sobre los desafíos y estigmas reales asociados con esta afección y darán forma a mejoras futuras. ¡Comparte tu historia para impulsar un cambio positivo!

Detener las fugas de vejiga

Únase a nuestra lista de correo y obtenga un libro electrónico GRATIS: ¡21 formas de controlar las fugas de vejiga!

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