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Your Kegel Exercise Device Options

Your Kegel Exercise Device Options

Kegel exercise devices are increasing in popularity as more women and healthcare professionals are having open conversations about bladder leaks and the importance of pelvic floor health. Learn about some of your options here.

Kegels For Stress Urinary Incontinence

Kegels For Stress Urinary Incontinence

Often, the right exercises, such as kegels, can help alleviate symptoms of urinary incontinence – no pills or surgery needed. Learn more about kegels, and how they can stop bladder leaks, here.

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NAFC’s Review Of 3 Popular Kegel Exercise Apps

Kegels can help improve your pelvic floor strength and prevent or reduce issues like incontinence. Learn how to do kegels and, how to do them consistently, with these National Association For Continence reviewed kegel apps.

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Gender Neutral Pelvic Floor Tips

Simply stated – the pelvic floor isn’t just a female thing – it is a muscular sling supporting the pelvic and abdominal organs of men and women. Here are some great pelvic floor tips for both men and women.

Integrate Kegels Into Your Daily Workout

A Step-By-Step Video For Kegels

Strengthening your pelvic floor will help restore muscle function and lessen the symptoms of incontinence. Kegels are the primary pelvic floor exercise. Here are a few suggestions for including kegels in your warm-up routine.

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