Men Have Pelvic Floors Too – And Can Benefit When They Exercise Them Regularly

man clasping hands in front

Mischa Bongers, CQUniversity Australia “Kegels” and pelvic floor exercises are usually associated with “women’s business” – think pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. But men have pelvic floors too. Just like women, at various times in their lives men can benefit from training their pelvic floors to address a variety of health concerns. About 30% of men […]

How To Prevent And Treat Adult Diaper Rash

Adult diaper rash is a common condition, especially for people with incontinence, or those being cared for by a loved one or staff at a long-term care facility. It’s typically not serious but can get worse if left untreated. Prevention is often the best treatment.

Understanding The Differences In Incontinence Products

woman holding absorbent product

A recent study found that up to 80 percent of people who experience incontinence wear the wrong products, and it’s understandable– from the absorbency level to the brands and sizing, it can be overwhelming to know what’s right for you. While it may not seem significant to be wearing the wrong incontinence product, it can […]